All my books are projects that start with a vague outline of what it will be in the end. I improvise. I experiment. With images. With words. I combine digital tools with hand making techniques. Step by step something emerges and takes shape. Usually I follow some favourite directions – trying to compose a story, writing dialogues and rhymes, making algorithmic drawings based on squares, making images in Adobe Fresco on my tablet, playing with longhand script and typography. I had no bookbinding skills when I set off in 2017, but I have learned. I do not see myself a bookbinder. My interest is in content and form, not primarily in the craft of bookbinding.

Why make small books? Simply because I enjoy creating small things. I don’t think too much about a reader/viewer. Of course the question about the reader/viewer is present somewhere in the background. How do I reach out to people with these tiny handmade books? Are they even possible to publish like ordinary books? Could this web site be helpful? I do not expect many interested visitors to find it. But still worth a try. I have tried to exhibit my small books. But they are made for reading/viewing the content by turning pages, which I can’t let people do in an exhibition. Since my books are handmade one-off copies.

What kind is my work? Is it artists books? Some kind of visual poetry? Is it maybe more like comics? Or graphic stories? Is it craft? Is it even art? My practice is artistic – but is the result necessarily to be classified as art work? I do not know the answer. It is a bit disturbing not knowing where my work belong, but most of the time I am just happy doing my projects.

What about my background? First: graphic design. It is obvious in some aspects of my practice, but not all. I like to explore the materiality of books. How size, quality of paper, text appearance and bookbinding influence the content I create. Second: teaching artistic practice (design). Having trained students I find myself observing my own learning process in telling a story, and reflecting on my methods. It somehow becomes integrated and expressed in the content of several books. But most of all my aim is to tell a simple story, and that is a big challenge for a little book. Apart from that, I don’t think I have anything special to say. Maybe that is the reason why I am fascinated by the unassuming and the insignificant. This I have tried to express in my work.