flimmer: röd / grön / blue / brown (flimmer: red / green / blue / brown).

This is an exploration of the flag book model from the book The Art of the Fold. How to make innovative books and paper structures by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol (London 2018). Each flag measures 110×58 mm and is glued to an accordion spine, three each on seven pages.

I have tried to combine images so that the book presents an exciting and different view also in its extended mode. Recently I have experimented with moire-patterns that emerge by design in vector graphic images, and by chance in printing due to imperfect register. I use only 1 pt. lines, in some cases I add a small filled circle. Images are printed on the risographic printers at the KKV workshop in Gothenburg.

Images show all four colour combinations: blue-teal, red-teal, brown-purple, green-purple