ljudbok (audiobook)

Book size 100×150 mm. 240 pp. Digital print on coloured papers.

In this project I have collected alphabetically represented sounds from comics magazines and books. From the start I aimed at 240 pages because the project was also about advancing my skills in classical book binding. I bound two copies each of the Swedish as well as the English version.

Added is a story inspired by the 240-page sequence of sounds. A creature called Eva escapes from the Garden of Eden and ends up in an alpine valley somewhere in Europe. Here she meets the integalactic superhero Lars of Mars who unfortunately crashed his spaceship on one of the alps. Eva persuades the superhero to catch and destroy the boss of the Garden of Eden. But when he returns from his mission with the catch Eva has been warned not to trust superheros. She refuses to come with him to Mars. She stays where she is and one day a happy dog comes jumping down the hillside. She recognizes Adam and greets him with a feline smile.