book 3: berget uppför (the mountain up)

Completed May 2021.

The story is told in a lapidary style on the yellow pages of each chapter that closes with a little song, that Barr and Kotte sing. The two companions are heading for the mountain that from time to time is visible on the horizon. They find a discarded robot in a skip and use it as a guide. On their journey they run into trouble and end up orbiting the earth in a satellite which eventually crashes onto an ant hill in the forest where they live. When they wake up they discover that the mountain was a digital delusion. After having completed the book I read it out loud to myself and realised that it is maybe a story for children. That was not my intention. But, why not?

Images show 13 successive spreads.

book 2: berget utför (the mountain down)

Completed March 2021.

Immediately after Book 1 was finalised I started on the next, challenged by my failure and determined to make some progress. From the discarded drawings of the first book I assembled a loosely connected visual story to use as a starting point. I added some rhymes. Like in the first book each chapter starts with a reflection, in this case on method and how to assess progress if there is any.

Images show nine successive spreads.

book 1: berget (the mountain)

Completed March 2021.

The book has eight chapters – a structure that continues throughout the whole series. That also goes for the rhythm of the distribution of coloured papers. Each chapter starts with an account of how my work progresses. Then follows drawings and a middle spread with a rhyme responding to the drawings. In this book I have tried to make use of the semitransparent paper of my drawings.