Six books C-O-R-O-N-A in a box

Book size: 46×60 mm. 96 pp. Digital print. Box size: 162x80x30 mm. Completed May 2020.

This project was based on my resolution to keep busy and not let anxiety take over. If only I keep to a disciplined routine, I thought, of drawing images in Illustrator to fill one book each week then the whole thing would somehow magically be over when finished. The concept of corona meaning the thing surrounding the sun was my starting point and I made as many variations of the corona as I could come up with. Each week I tried to find a somewhat altered approach.

Images show sample spreads from all six books.

raspiga rim på rutig botten (raspy rhymes on a checkered base)

Book size: 96×72 mm. 128 pp. Digital print. Completed September 2020.

This project is based on my frustration with the restrictions rather than anxiety. Expressing my feelings in rhyme and images worked as a relief from the grim situation. In this little book I returned to the checkered background that I hade used in the last book – A – in the Corona series. And in one of my early books – Deep Space Suite. I like using algorithmic rules when drawing which works very well with the vector graphic system of Illustrator.

Images show 12 successive spreads.