Book size: 100×140 mm. 88 pp in Clouds. 96 pp in Moln. Printed on Hahnemühle printmaking paper 230 grs. Completed Autumn 2022.

Both books are experiments in composing a story from a combination of prints that have no intentional coherence. First I assembled pages from a pure visual point of view and bound them together in a  book complete with cover. Then I chased the story that would emerge from looking at the sequence of pages.

Clouds, which is written in English, tells a story about me driving a vehicle and picking up some stray lovers on the road and in the end getting rid of them. It is a mildly absurd thing written in longhand directly onto the pages of the book.

In Moln I selected ten different spreads and gave them each a single word as heading. Inspired by the image spread over the two pages I composed ten six-line rhyming verses and collected them in a small 24-page booklet called Fotnoter (Footnotes). For the book Moln and the Footnotes I also manufactured a box (size 105x153x33 mm) with a lid on hinges and a pocket for the booklet.

studier i fält (field studies). volym 1 and volym 2.

Book size 120×180 mm. 48 pp. Printed on Kent paper. Handpainted paper on covers.

Both books contain only screen printed sheets without text elements. I assembled the sheets ad lib into a book from a purely visual idea about a pleasing sequence. There is no hidden coherent story.

fältstudie screentryck 2022 (field study screen print)

Book size: 150×215 mm. 96 pp. Printed on handmade cotton paper with raw edges. Handpainted paper on cover.

In line with the smaller books above this book is also composed ad lib from the prints made in July-Sept 2022 at the KKV workshop in Gothenburg. There is no text except a short handwritten title on the first page.